Sitting along the border of Noblesville, IN and Fishers, IN our 6,000 sq ft facility provides the following amenities:

  • Multiple Therapy Rooms
  • Group Instruction Room
  • Art & Craft Area
  • Reading Area
  • Indoor gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Outdoor Fenced Playground


9155 E. 146th Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

Therapy rooms are each designed with a different theme such as sports, dinosaurs, princesses, and more. Each room is customized to your child based upon their age and other specific factors. They have their own learning area with all their preferred toys, games and other reinforcers. Although we provide 1:1 therapy, the rooms may have another child who is similar to your child so that they can work on social and language skills with the other child. We find this stimulates socialization, play, small group activities, and language development.

Reading or being read to is an important developmental step that teaches so many important skills such as listening, answering questions, following adult directions, and learning stories. We have created a library of books and reading materials that are suitable for a variety of ages and developmental levels. We encourage you to come and see this area and all the wonderful things we are doing for children like yours.

Utilizing a sizable cafeteria area, we are able to have the snack time as well as lunch time that your child needs. We even work on eating programs within our cafeteria if part of your child’s program. We are able to provide storage for a week’s worth of dry, refrigerated, and frozen foods.

The safety and security of your child is our top priority. We incorporate a buzz in system at the entrance of our facility as well as a key-fob entry system for our staff to use. This key-fob system is in place to enter our facility from the playground as well. There are security cameras throughout the facility. Each guest must sign in and is escorted through the facility during their time within the building.

The indoor gym offers a large room of over 600 sq ft for your child to learn and play. The gym incorporates so many different and fun activities such as a ball pit, trampoline, see-saw, train table, and more. Utilizing reinforcement within these various activities, we promote play, social, language, motor skills, and group activities that are part of the quality ABA therapy program we offer.

Our group instruction room features individual desks as well as a large group instruction table that serves to offer both individual and group settings for your child. As you child progresses in therapy, we increase the time within this setting so that they can prepare for future settings such as school. This room offers a variety of group play activities, group instruction, school preparedness, and socialization opportunities for your child.

The outdoor playground may be the favorite of the children that attend the clinic, but it serve as a useful part of our program. We utilize it to promote motor skills, daily living skills, group activities, language development, and social skills. The large 2,500 sq ft outdoor area is fenced in and attached to our building to provide the safety and security your child needs to have fun while learning. The playground provides swings, a slide, climbing, sandbox, and more for the enjoyment and use by your child.