Behavior Consulting

These services are provided by our masters or doctorate level Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) individually and/or possibly in combination with ABA Therapy services. It encompasses a variety of activities such as consulting for new goals, program changes, Behavior Plan creation, progress review, specialized programs, progress reporting, and other applicable ABA services.
What is Behavior Consulting?

Behavior Consulting is the services conducted by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). This can be a variety of services such as the initial evaluation, 6 month re-evaluation, consulting with the patient, consulting with the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) who works directly with the patient, updating goals, writing program materials such as a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), parent training, and more.

Where and how can I get Behavior Consulting?

We come right to you at a convenient time by easily accessing our telehealth video conferencing software. It’s easy to use with 2 clicks and even easier to schedule your sessions or appointments. To learn more about this service, contact us today.

When can I get Behavior Consulting?

We offer behavior consulting at flexible and convenient times for you. We can provide during the day, evenings, and have Saturday availability as well.

Who can get behavior consulting?
  • The RBT who works directly with your child
  • Your child
  • You the parent and related family
  • School staff or other providers that work directly with your child
Why do I/my child need it?

Behavior consulting is an essential part of receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, which often consist of both therapy and behavior consulting. In fact, all insurance and school funding requires behavior consulting as part of ABA services. Behavior Consulting provides the training, support, new goals, behavior interventions, parent training, and more for your child and you. However, some patients such as those receiving only social skills services may get Behavior Consulting only by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

What does it do for me?

Behavior Consulting provides the parent training and support that helps achieves the best outcomes for your child. It can also help provide training and support to other family members or providers who work directly with your child as well.

Is it just for problematic behavior?

No, in fact we often provide behavior consulting for creating many goals such as language, daily living skills, and social skills that we want to see increase. It can be for problematic behavior as well, but also include updating progress, parent training, staff training, and so much more.

How can it help with these areas of concern?

Toilet Training– Behavior Consulting can create an individualized plan and provide the training and support to you and/or the Registered Behavior Technician working with your child as well. It is provided throughout the process to ensure toileting success and proven outcomes.


Eating– Behavior consulting is provided to help with picky eaters and those resistant to eating a variety of foods or drinking a variety of beverages. This can be essential for many children, especially those who are physically suffering from their lack of nutrition.


Auditory sensitivity- Being sensitive to sounds can be difficult for some children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and often lead to problematic behaviors. Rather than avoiding sounds or placing things such as noise cancelling headphones on a child, we work systematically to decrease and eliminate their aversion to these sounds through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. We carry over these techniques to you and empower you and your child.


Sleeping- Lack of sleep or issues regarding sleep can be frustrating and affect children in so many ways including leading to an increase in problematic behaviors. We work with you and even your child’s doctor to put a program in place that gets them into a sleep pattern while also improving their nightly routine and your peace of mind.


Haircutting- Getting a haircut can be an outright challenge in itself. We are here to help and work with you to get your child to participate in and tolerate haircuts including the scissors and trimmers that may be causing these issues.

Direct Consulting

Includes behavior consulting often provided in combination with ABA therapy  with your child directly. It can also be our BCBAs working directly with your child on areas such as social skills. Our social skills program is offered conveniently for a variety of needs including 1:1 sessions with our BCBAs to address deficits in the area of social skills. Overall, this service ensures that your child receives the support, services, and supervision necessary to ensure quality outcomes. To find out more about our social skills services – Learn More

Indirect Consulting

Includes behavior consulting often provided to support an ABA program. It includes things such as creating new goals, updating an individual treatment plan, writing a behavior intervention plan, assessments, and other applicable services offered by our BCBAs. These tasks are then implemented within an ABA program alongside delivery by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and overseen by our BCBAs

Speciality Programs

Are done via our behavior consulting services by our BCBAs who specialize in the following program areas, which may be quite difficult for many families:

  • Toilet Training
  • Eating Program
  • Sleeping
  • Auditory Sensitivity
  • Specialized Daily Living Skills
Toilet Training

Can be a difficult process for children with Autism as well as their parents and we are here to help. Utilizing a program with 100% accuracy we are able to use reinforcement, prompting and other ABA techniques to ensure your child is successful. Regardless of age, our program is effective within 1-2 weeks and we welcome you to contact us to find out more.


For some children with autism includes having a very limited diet and may not eat a healthy variety of items within their diets. Using a well established program, we work with parents to ensure your child eats a variety of foods and drinks including those healthier alternatives.


Issues are not uncommon for children with autism. These can poorly affect their moods and ability to be successful during the day. In addition, it can create difficulties for others including parents to sleep since the child may often be waking up. Utilizing a well established program, we work with parents to establish and maintain proper sleeping patterns for children.

Sensitivity to Auditory

Sounds can be difficult for some children with autism. Loud and unexpected sounds can cause discomfort and even create problematic behaviors to occur. These sounds like blow dryers, alarms, whistles, speakers, trains, etc… can be like nails on a chalkboard to many children with autism. Utilizing reinforcement and small steps, we are able to decrease and eliminate the resistance to these sounds so that children can tolerate them.

Parent Training

Can be difficult for many families of children with Autism due to their schedules and/or the limited availability of most providers. At ABA Services, we can schedule sessions convenient to your schedule. We use a nationally recognized parent training system that builds upon concepts, techniques, topics and other customized related topics. Contact us today to learn more

Although every child is different and so are their needs, we offer a variety of other specialized programs such as children getting haircuts, trimming their nails, etc. We strive to make each child able to receive these specialized programs so that they can be successful in the world.